The AMSI Summer School 2018 program enables students to take up to 2 intensive honours-level subjects during the four-week residential school; however, it is highly recommended that students only nominate one course for credit/assessment. AMSI and the Monash University are pleased to offer the following eight subjects.

Please note: When choosing courses, please consult the Timetable to see which course combinations are possible.

For more information about the Course and Lecturer/s, please click through the link on the respective Course title.

Iterative methods for sparse matricesAssociate Professor Timothy Moroney, Queensland University of Technology
Low-dimensional topology
Sponsored by the Australian Mathematical Society
Dr Daniel Mathews, Monash University
Associate Professor Jessica Purcell, Monash University
Mathematical relativity and Lorentzian geometry

Dr Andy Hammerlindl, Monash University
Associate Professor Todd Oliynyk, Monash University
Mathematics of extensional flows
Sponsored by Australian and New Zealand Industrial and Applied Mathematics
Associate Professor Yvonne Stokes, University of Adelaide
Probabilistic methods and random graphs Professor Nick Wormald, Monash University
Dr Jane Gao, Monash University
Probability, complex analysis and lattice models Dr Laurie Field, Australian National University
Dr Gregory Markowsky, Monash University
Statistical machine learning
Sponsored by the Statistical Society of Australia
Dr Ivan Guo, Monash University
Dr Tiangang Cui, Monash University
Topological data analysis

Dr Vanessa Robins, Australian National University
Dr Katharine Turner, Australian National University
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